How to Exhibit

Get the most out of your participation!

As part of the continuous efforts to support our clients, Creators for Exhibitions and Conferences is pleased to provide you with steps to assist in making your experience as profitable and efficient as possible These steps and procedures are internationally recognized standards that are practiced by exhibitors worldwide, recommended by major global associations throughout the exhibition and tradeshow industry

Plan your participation over three stages

  1. Preparing for the exhibition
  2. At the exhibition
  3. Follow up

Preparing for the exhibition

Select the right exhibition for your company

  • Choose an exhibition that is right for your company and product lines.
    • Would you prefer a specialized or a generic exhibition?
    • Do you prefer trade visitors only?
  • Set specific objectives

Set measurable and specific objectives: Increase sales volume, promote new products or services, identify new clients, get new agencies, enter new markets, meet new qualified contacts find new dealers, make new appointments, etc.

Plan the stand to meet your determined goals

  • Determine beforehand the location and design of your stand.
    • What products will be displayed?
    • Which staff will be chosen at the stand?
    • Do you need technical staff to explain product specifications?

Inform your prospects and customers before the show

Get in touch with your prospects, agents, distributors, clients, etc. before the show. Inform them about your presence, activities and special offers at the show.Ask them to spread the news to their clients also!

Pre show PR,  advertising, and sponsorship

Dedicate a reasonable budget for carrying a PR and advertising campaign, and check for suitable sponsorship opportunities. You can also advertise in the official guide of the exhibition.This will help promote your presence or any special activities that will be held during the show.

Train your staff

Make sure each member of your staff understands the goals of participation and is well versed with the company products and services. They should be trained to identify potential clients and communicate with them effectively. Each person at the stand must have a specific role that contributes to achieving the overall objectives.

“Keep them motivated!”

Use the web to promote your presence at the show

  • Use online media to promote yourself.
  • Use your company’s website or the exhibition’s website to promote your participation.
  • Check if the show’s website can provide links to yours.

At the exhibition

  • Brief your staff each day

After you have chosen which employees will be at the stand, it is important to review the goals and roles for each member daily, and evaluate performance of previous days.Inform them of any prescheduled meetings or specific contacts they need to be aware of, in order to be dealt with properly.

  • Focus on your key targets

Decide who your key targets are (production directors, senior managers, distributors, etc.), and brief your team to focus on them.

  • Spend optimum amount of time with visitors
    • Find the right people and spend the right amount of time with them.
    • Do not spend too much time with a prospect, because there are others you need to meet.
    • Do not spend too little time with a prospect, so you can obtain results (leads, appointments, etc.)
    • Kindly and politely reject the wrong people by briefly explaining to them that you have no common interest.


  • Earn Media coverage
    • Invite key journalists to visit your stand.
    • Prepare a media kit that contains a press release that covers your participation at the show, statements of key company personnel and also include your company logo and a few pictures of your displayed products.
    • Coordinate with the organizers’ press office to distribute your media kit in different mediums.
  • Keep it all business and avoid unnecessary conversations. Every minute counts!

Follow Up

  • De-brief the team 

At the 1st day of work after the exhibition, meet with your staff and thank them for their participation, then evaluate your company performance at the show.

  • Measure your results and compare them with your objectives
  • Follow up on all contacts

Every visitor to your stand should receive a timely follow up. Classify and prioritize your contacts to determine the degree of follow up, it could verify from a simple thank-you letter to a phone call or setting an appointment.

  • Follow through on all press releases

Call all the editors you contacted at the exhibition or the journalists who visited you on your stand. Share your participation experience with them, tell them about your success and ask them if they need any additional information.This step can help ensure a solid mention in a post-show review read by thousands.

  • If you have met your goals, reserve a place for next year!

“Wishing you a successful and fruitful participation at the exhibition!”